Our training

Doing a PhD in a doctoral training entity (Doctoral Training Programme or Centre for Doctoral Training) differs from the standard PhD path in that there is a greater focus on wider skills development and training, within a cohort approach.

In order to develop the next generation of freshwater researchers, FRESH students engage in a variety of different training activities. In addition to working up their research plan with their supervisor, students spend the first 6 months or so focusing on acquiring core skills in freshwater biosciences and sustainability. The training provides students both with common core skills and skills relevant to their particular project. In addition to core skills training, students participate in cohort-based ‘real world’ challenges set by stakeholders. They also attend and present at the WSA Annual Conference.

Students participate in these training events together as a cohort. It is likely students will share accommodation/rooms, especially for Induction and the Core Foundation courses. For a perspective on our training events written by a Cohort 2 student, click here.

A typical Year One outline of Training  is as follows:

Induction- Completed in the first month with small group and full-cohort activities (approx 10 days duration)

Core Foundation Skills (one to two weeks each):

  •  Course 1 (Bath)-  ‘Emerging Multiple Risks to Freshwaters’
  •  Course 2 (Bristol)- ‘Robust Evidence for Freshwater Sciences’
  •  Course 3 (Exeter)- ‘Extinction and Impairment in Freshwater Ecosystems’

Core Cross-Cutting Training Skills Courses in Year 1 and Year 2 ( approx three days to a week)

FRESH Cohort Challenges (approx three days to a week)

The WSA Annual Conference (one to two days)

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