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We have already selected our projects for October 2020, which was our third and final cohort

What supervisors say of the benefits of having students in a GW4 Doctoral Training Entity (DTE):

“The studentship has provided a crucial vehicle by which to extend our existing cross-disciplinary collaboration”.

“His (the student’s) training opportunities have  been far more diverse, since he has accessed both the GW4 DTE specific training and other training within the GW4 (often outside of Bath)”.

“Access to expertise in multiple institutions. Forging meaningful collaborations between Universities in the GW4. This will ultimately lead to combined grant funding”.

“DTE facilities access technical expertise in GW4 network, not otherwise available at host institution

“Shared Ph.D. students are a great tool to establish and strengthen research collaborations”

“It is a good framework for collaboration, and it’s good for the student to have access to people with broad skills and knowledge”.

“Great students given the profile of a DTE versus that of a single academic”.

“It does encourage collaboration and more innovative/new projects. The standard of students is uniformly higher because it seems easier to recruit”

“Improved training (and associated guidance) offered to students of the DTE is greatly improved compared to individual studentships”.

“The DTE approach offers: (1) improved monitoring and training opportunities for the Personal Development of students (i.e. transferable skills); (2) opportunities for cross-institutional research collaborations”

“Encourages collaboration and therefore exposes the student to different techniques and approaches. Students are also part of a cohort and have an increased opportunity to speak to one-another, exchanging ideas etc.”

“Really strong advantage in having a clear cohort identity. Acts as glue between GW4 institutions”.

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